It might look like a simple fisherman’s cap, but it’s currently also THE trend accessory for men. This rounded hat without a bill, made out of cotton or occasionally other fabrics, has assumed a crucial position in the fashion world. In my opinion, it’s replaced the sporty cap. It’s the hipster equivalent of the hip-hop cap, but it’s even more interesting because of its plain design.

The hat is worn on the head without covering the ears. Some models have a fastener behind, which helps wearers change its size. That’s it – those are all the details it has! This piece embodies simplicity, and goes with any outfit, thanks to its muted colours.

Beton Cire has capitalised upon the classic yet unique charm of the hat, making it a new cult accessory. This naval piece becomes a must-have for the summer and winter. I think it would look especially great when worn with relaxed streetwear!

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