Berlin is not truly Berlin without Ewa Herzog, and Ewa Herzog is not truly Ewa Herzog without Berlin! The designer loves her city and derives much inspiration from it for her fashion designs. These inspirations could very well also have come from London, Paris or Milan, because she is the epitome of feminine urbanity to me. Feminine is a keyword here, as her entire range is targeted towards womanly sensuality.

As always, lace plays a crucial role in the designs of Ewa Herzog. It’s a simple trait that belongs to the core identity of the Berlin-based designer. Nevertheless, her collections are in no way monotonous, but put forward a strong argument for the versatility and adaptability of the material. The lace pieces are romantic and delicate; they are simply magical and allow you to nudge your softer side into the spotlight.

At the same time, her fashion is also sensual, often allowing a tantalising glimpse of the wearer’s skin. Pastel shades like rose, lilac, cream and powder-blue deliver an extraordinarily honest touch of vintage to her dresses and blouses. The sunny-yellow lace dress is a tribute to summer and radiates an incomparable happiness.

Most of the designs are high-necked and seem to concern themselves with a covered sensuality rather than an open one. With Ewa Herzog, you can achieve this feat while being seductive and absolutely unique!

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