Chanel’s haute couture show for the summer of 2015 appears in such a colorful, paradisiac theme that one would almost certainly be reminded of a vivid flower bouquet. The idyllic greenhouse location further emphasizes this with its charming atmosphere. As with every haute couture show by Chanel, it’s the lavishly handmade adornments that bring the fantasy to life. Sequins, feathers and handmade blossoms define the slightly dreamy look, with accessories further adding a youthful charm.

Current trends have been mashed up with the Sixties, and the designs remind us rather a lot of icon Jackie O – they are underlined by a certain youthful and rebellious charm. Chanel’s typical signature features – such as jackets in the style of legendary fashion icon and founder Coco Chanel, as well as tweed patterns and embellishments – have become so distinctive that they have practically evolved into the label’s identity. To me, Chanel sits on the highest rung in the world of elegance, and has an additional touch of rebelliousness and creative innovation. These attributes can be applied even more intensely to their haute couture lines. Features that usually dominate the couture collections now come together in the current line with a unique and fabulously dreamy style.

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