A symphony of colours: in a stunningly visually appealing collection, Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen displays her unusual approach to colours. To me, the tangled and intertwined colours of the fabrics resemble Batik as well as a blurry sea of flowers simultaneously. Perhaps you see something else entirely in the colourful fabrics of the dresses? This versatility is ultimately what makes the summery creations so interesting.

A rainbow of colours intoxicates one’s senses in this label’s summer. Particularly exciting are the various effects of the dresses and their colouration. The stone-and-red-toned piece exudes a noble and reserved air, while the dress in violet and turquoise has a somewhat mystical feel to it. The enchantingly secretive feeling stays the same, even as the images I discern in the fabric shift from a galaxy of distant stars to an intensely vivid lake of flowers. I can’t quite shake off the suspicion that the fabrics have absorbed the colours of summer from the wide spectrum of nature, before releasing it in the form of creatively random patterns. The colours in this collection are a perfect representation of nature, and seem to have been extracted lovingly from a tropical beach scene or a field of blooming flowers.

More Info: www.ilsejacobsen.com