Every year we go through the same struggle over and over. We can’t wait for summer and suddenly it’s happening. Well, kinda. Mostly we get two weeks of sunshine and happiness until the weather changes and so does our mood. Let’s face it, our clime isn’t most enjoyable but why don’t we try to stay positive? At least going to work doesn’t hurt that much when the temperature drops…And if you’re leaving the office you can slip into summer jackets which will brighten up your day.

If you still don’t have a light jacket hanging in your closet for this season, check out Topshop. For more inspiration just look below and enjoy!

Bomber jackets are not only super useful when it gets colder outside, they also make you look damn cool as well. And it doesn’t have to be this cold all black everything style all the time, believe me. Topshop shows us with this special piece  that you can rock a bomber jacket in soft colors like this light pink, too.

If you fancy a more playful kind of look, go for this bomber jacket by Topshop. The stitchery on it makes it even cuter.

And of course jeans jackets shouldn’t be missing, right? Topshop presents this one coming in an oversized look with cool patches for a young and fresh flair.