“Many think country life is romantic, but they’re wrong. You’ve got to be very strong if you don’t want to turn blue.”

Director: Anne Fontaine

This film is a reinterpretation of Gustave Flaubert‘s masterpiece, “Madame Bovary”. Dreamy baker Martin Joubert, who has a great passion for books, can’t quite believe his ears when he learns the name of the new neighbours who have just moved in. Bovary. Any fan of literature can easily put two and two together to imagine that the lady of the house is a reincarnation of Gemma Bovary. After all, they share the same name, as well as so many other things. Joubert wants to protect her from making mistakes, and this provokes a humorous, romantic and dramatic story, which outgrows Joubert to finally find its climax.

“A Summer with Flaubert” is an absolutely amazing yet melancholic movie – it’s the perfect thing for all fans of literature, as well as for those who are in love with France and love a good story.

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