Thanks to Berlin-based label JULIAANDBEN, shape-assumed creativity graces the runways at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Founded in 2008, the label’s signature feature is cleverly designed ready-to-wear fashion with conceptual designs.

The women’s collection for the spring and summer of 2015 is marked by a masculine and sporty streak, which builds up a wonderful contrast to the elfish, light summer dress also to be found in the collection. Further to be discovered are witty tops, shirts, shorts, long pants, short dresses and light spring coats. Designer Julia Heuse’s special techniques reveal themselves through her creative way of fashioning fabrics. Here, you can find bleached fabrics alongside materials and textiles that have been ripped and then cleverly recomposed.

JULIAANDBEN also outdo themselves with the prints in this collection: designed in a graphical style and based on natural shapes, they thoroughly impress with their dynamic expression. JULIAANDBEN have made available varying pieces in plain black, white and grey for this sunny season. Outstanding cuts balance out the look – with the help of diagonals, peek-a-boos, cut-outs and layers, this label has moulded every single piece into an individual and thrilling member of the collection.

Lightly flowing silk, sturdy leather and comfortable linen have been combined, giving rise to harmonious and expressive looks. Long summer dresses in clear and elegant white, deep black or with energetic prints are exceptional eye-catchers in this collection – regardless of the occasion and the weather, there is always something to offer. It’s a fine line that separates the masculine from the feminine, and several pieces here might even strike the fancy of some men!

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