Johny Dar is an innovative, progressive and avant-garde American designer who just recently exhibited his new pieces for spring/summer 2015 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. He has much ameliorated the fashion world with his creative spirit, which he has integrated in his fashion since 1999. As an all-round artist, the designer connects influences from painting and body art, as well as sculpting and illustrating. Emotion, feelings and natural vividness are Johny Dar’s underlying ideas, to which he gives utterance with the help of his creations.

The newest spring/summer collection oozes intensity, dynamism and uniqueness. Every single piece of the women’s collection signifies harmony. Johny works skillfully with the alternation of transparency and layering opaque textiles, with peek-a-boos and sturdy materials that lay on your skin. Long and short dresses as well as bodysuits in new looks decorate the collection, with a wild colour palette enriched with black, white, precious gold, mesmerizing purple, soft yellow, sepia brown, fine blue and violet shades. All kinds of colours meet each other in the foreground of patterns and color combinations in matching interplays. Each piece looks like it was hand-drawn and perfectly customized to one’s body. Ornaments created from fabrics and trinkets enhance the individual character of the collection. Long, delicate skirts float driftingly from an opaque and encompassing dress top. Tunic-like gowns add an elegance to the collection, and the skulls embellishing the collars usher back our natural sides.

This collection, as well as this artist’s entire body of work, is certainly worth wearing. We look forward to spring, summer and Dar!

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