This week, it’s all about the bohemian look as well as its most popular trends and most important labels. However, that’s not all! Not only do we want to show you how to put together your own Bohemian outfit, but we’d also love to give you some useful advice on donning matching accessories, as they play an extremely crucial part in making your ethnic outfit while!

In the Boho case, we play by this motto: “the more the better!“ Instead of going the way of restraint, go ahead and mix ‘n’ match earrings and bracelets as much as you like!

The most important accessory of the Bohemian look is headgear – to be more precise, the hair band. Summer was all about floral wreaths, but now it’s time for the hairband to shine. The hairband refines any hippie outfit and underlines the Indigenous charm rather distinctly.

Hair bands can be as different as day and night. They can be simple, playful, colorful and made of natural materials. The Boho style offers a wide range of varying models, the simplest variant probably being the single or braided leather strap decorated with various appliques. The ends could be also decorated with beads or feathers. In addition to the leather strap, playful lace ribbons are also in high demand. They are usually more conspicuous and show to their advantage in creamy pastel colors. However, I prefer printed and playful hair bands – for example, wide elastic bands with Aztec prints – with an emphasis delivered by rhinestones, pearls or other jewelry options.

As you can tell, there are so many options out there, and you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits you. You could go for a simple everyday creation, or opt for an extravagant piece perfect for a date!

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