Pia Coster ist he face of the Danish fashion brand Coster Copenhagen which will be present at the Panorama Messe in Berlin this January. There, the team showcases you a clear style which incarnates the Scandinavian coolness beautifully. Inspired by the infinity of the ocean and driven by the constant striving for outstanding quality, Pia Coster designs clothing lines for the modern woman.

Coster is outfitting you from head to toe. Women can enjoy outdoor clothing, appealing pants designs, skirts and anything else to create a harmonious outfit. Covering the needs of the woman, Coster Copenhagen indeed can be considered a lifestyle brand. Femininity and modernity but also a strong personality and a romantic vein are attributes which describe the wearer best.

The summer 2015 is around the corner and the fitting fashion is already offered to you by Coster Copenhagen now. The collection reflects the beauty of the ocean and makes you dream of walking on a sand beach whilst feeling a light breeze running through your hair. Maritime colors and straight lines determine the light and laid-back style. Cloth pants, blouses and boxy jackets form the perfect base for an easygoing style. It’s the casual sweaters in particular which caught our attention with feminine elements including lace sleeves which give the pieces a very individual character. The whole collection overall exudes an easygoing elegance and is indeed filled with incredible must-haves!

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