Irene Luft, a luxurious ready-to-wear label from Munich, brightened up the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2015 with its piquant spring and summer collection for 2015. The brand, led by its eponymous designer, enjoys exploring the spaces that exist between elegant couture and glamorous fetish culture.

The breathtaking collection easily achieves an equilibrium between elegance, romance and erotism, this balance being especially represented by its dreamy, graceful dresses. Clad in Irene Luft’s designs, women float over the runway, headed to their next dinner party or perhaps even a hot date. This collection constantly switches between Prêt-à-Porter mode and haute couture. It drifts by overhead mesmerizingly and elegantly, crossing the line between playful sexiness and charming eroticism. The contours of the women’s bodies are emphasised by body-shaping cuts and flowing skirts that hover over the ground.

Pure black and a touch of gold are the shades utilised by the label. Lace dominates with a gothic touch, while simultaneously drawing on leather and patterns. Fabrics like delicate veils and meshes softly slide over skin.Irene Luft combines these different fabrics in a rather thrilling manner, integrating the spirit of femininity into her designs. In this valiant and graceful collection, dresses and bodies will exist in symbiosis.

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