Dolce & Gabbana immediately conquered the fashion world when they presented their new luxurious womenswear line that took all of our breaths away.  Although we all know that luxury and grace has always been loyal companions of the label, we were still extremely impressed by the new line that skillfully combined elegance and glamour with the hot-bloodedness of flamenco dancers. The result is absolutely magnificent, from the blazer to the evening gown.

The fierce and passionate theme can also be seen in the color palette. The main shades red, white and black were smartly woven into the scene, sometimes individually and sometimes combined. With the use of different patterns, a mixture of pearls and rhinestones, even soft accentuations like delicate jewelry, the duo managed to let the before mentioned colors appear classical, playful, strong, feminine, even sensual – this diversity you see here can also be found in the cuts and the design.

Flamenco look-inspired designs à la torero is the basis for many clothing items of the new line. For instance, take the typical look of shorts with double buttoning and add in the matching blazer with attached pockets or a simple shirt. Another part of the new collection reminds us of seemingly forgotten decades, which means flared out dresses with pompous embellishments or polka dots. Seductive lace and feminine patterns give different designs the little something-something, including knee-length socks and lace shirts that practically scream “temptress”.

The Italian fashion house, which was founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana back in 1985, outdid itself again with the creation of such a unique line.

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