During the summer, both the weather as well as fashion take on a much more joyful outlook. Italian fashion brand MSGM proves this with their women’s collection, which conveys more than just jubilation: it conveys a new sense of life! MSGM itself is a lifestyle – they are creators of fashion for those who pursue their own paths while keeping an eye on trends.

They have set their focus on femininity and the witty reinterpretation of forms and shapes. Structures are kept simple and sophisticated, with the main features being soft, straight lines that are simultaneously seductively voluminous. Modern and classy fashion-forward silhouettes are hence created in a playful and almost inconspicuous way.

Colors and prints retain their position as the most eye-catching features. Humorous and loud details embellish basic forms. Nature- inspired prints serve as main motifs, with examples including paradisiac birds, flowers and vines. They transform every single item into a fashionable statement piece. Thanks to the basic shades of black, beige and white, the boldness of these patterns have really been brought into their element.

Copyright and source: www.msgm.it