If you’ve got an interest in tattoos with an old-school cool, you should check out COVIL Tattoo from Juiz de Flora, Brazil. These four guys have a full box of tricks! They work with various styles including old-school, dotted work, black work and similar techniques.

They complete each other’s styles and enrich one other. Their work ranges from hand-tattooed images (stick ‘n’ poke) that show a high level of original handiwork yet offer many details with their simple technique, to pure black-and-white works that include simplified symbolic motifs. Fine illustrations receive as much attention as big, blacked out motifs. Even their dot work never sells itself short. And all these have one thing in common: only black ink is to be used!

Choose from a wide range of motifs, such as old-school hearts, big cats, daggers, insects, ships, cars or geometric patterns. Animals and plants can be made to stand out with a high level of detail. I was most impressed by the pieces involving sacred elements such as angels, demons, the devil and death.

These 4 lads weave talent with fingers of gold. Two of them will be working as guest tattooers at several studios in Berlin this summer – don’t miss out!

By the way, they started out in 2012 from – of all places – a rusty old garage. As you can see, talent can be found anywhere!

Copyright and source: http://fredcovil.tumblr.com/ und http://andrecast.com/#12 und https://www.facebook.com/coviltattoo/timeline