Nowadays, many companies offer jobs that can be completely or partially done at home. In some professions, this is even the custom; in others, it is possible to sometimes relocate their jobs at discretion. But those who work at home should remember to create a suitable work environment.

It is particularly important to have a workplace that meets the requirements. A desk is therefore essential and a matching chair should also not be neglected. Thus. when working at the desk, you should put emphasis on choosing a suitable one in order to protect your back. That’s why working from the couch is definitely not recommended.

To prepare a suitable work atmosphere, the work area should be optimally separated from the rest of your home. There should be a clear line between work and leisure, privacy and business. Also avoid other interfering factors. This includes, for example, turning off the TV. Private conversations, even on the telephone, should be avoided too.

All these serve the purpose of being able to do the work ahead as quickly as possible. Otherwise, all disturbances might drag on the work. That’s why I think separating leisure and work is so important. You’ll be most efficient if you plan a time schedule including fix breaks.