Talk about being totally wild! Tom van der Borght has just released his new collection, and it has left me in awe. This truly is passionate fashion, where vibrant colours collide in bold patterns with one another. Streetwear-cuts of the 90s make a comeback, throwing some really fabulous materials into the mix.

It is only right that this line was designed with both genders in mind, leaving neither women nor men disappointed. The style is very 90s, bringing in a dash of the sporty style so prevalent in today’s urban world. The collection seems to have been designed for a young, emerging, courageous generation; a generation of artists, dancers, and all who know no bounds in their creativity.

The sporty look is brought in by the maxi-sweater, maxi-dress, jogging pants, bomber jacket, t-shirt, leggings and jumpsuit, all of which contain every coluo combination known to man. Every shade has been thrown in a mixer together with crossovers details, colour sprinkles, stripes and so on! The wild and intuitive combination of pieces will push you smack-dab into the spotlight. Layering is a must, as it really brings out the individual charisma of Tom van der Borght’s collection!

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