Plenty of men love the traditional look associated with the lederhosen, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. On the contrary, lederhosen can also look amazing when revamped in a modern, fresh style. These modern versions will surely come out on top at the Oktoberfest, but what about also wearing them to family events or other occasions?

There are several types of traditional lederhosen. Their length especially defines them, which is why I recommend choosing a pair that ends right above the knee if you’re going for a more modern look. Lederhosen straps, such as H-straps, are also currently extremely popular. Lederhosen are quickly making a name for themselves, and even big city hipsters are starting to wear them.

The reason for their popularity lies in their unique charm, which you can emphasize with individual accessories. A very chic look can be created by mixing lederhosen with elegant, slim shirts. The classic brown leather goes harmoniously with white, and this combination turns tradition into timeless chic!

I recommend adding a few highlights according to your own preferences. Sneakers, classy watches, leather jewellery, beanies or piercings will all make your look unique!

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