Hey Beauties.

It’s the third instalment of my little beauty series on Read the Trieb. Hopefully you are already familiar with the two previous beauty booster from my last postings. Today, I’d like to introduce you to two additional steps you can incorporate into your morning routine to treat your skin and body from the inside out. So if you’re curious as to what this article has in store for you, keep on scrolling.

Squeeze in a morning workout

It is known that you tend to sleep much better if you train in the morning. But the real kick-starter in terms of beauty and glow is the feeling a morning session in the gym can give you. All of the released endorphins make you glow from within. You’ll simply be happier and trust me, people will notice! PS: There’s nothing better than knowing that you already did your workout and knowing that you’re done for the day.

Use an antioxidant serum

Vitamin C and E are for instance antioxidants that can protect your fragile skin from UV rays and pollution. The daily use of such a serum will keep your skin youthful and beautiful. The best thing about this is the effortlessness. Just add this minor step between cleansing and moisturizing and your older self will thank you for that!

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