Hello Beauties!

I’ve been really restraining myself from getting too deep into the new MAC Collection “The Matte Lip” 2015 until word is out on when exactly those gems will be available in Germany.

That’s now the case and I cannot wait to show you the new lipsticks in MAC’s permanent range. 22 lipsticks are introduced with this new collection and MAC really outdid themselves with some of the colors (Matte Royal!). Some of them are already in the permanent range, some are Repromotes from previous limited editions and some are completely new. I’ll list the ones that are repromoted and new.

New lipsticks from the “The Matte Lip” collection 2015 (22.00 EUR)

  • Runway Hit Light rose nude (Retro Matte) (Repromote from the Retro Matte Collection)
  • Steady Going Light pink (Retro Matte) (Repromote from the Retro Matte Collection)
  • Matte Royal Intense royal blue (Matte) (New)
  • Instigator Dark intense plum (Matte) (Repromote from the Punk Couture Collection)
  • Antique Velvet Matte dark brown (Matte) (New)
  • Stone Muted grayish taupe brown (Matte) (Neu)
  • Studded Kiss Oxblood Red (Matte) (Repromote from the Punk Couture Collection)
  • Persistence Peachy brown (Matte) (New)
  • Whirl Mauvy, pink nude (Matte) (New)
  • Naturally Transformed Golden Beige (Matte) (New)
  • Tropic Tonic Spring-y Coral (Matte) (New)
  • Men Love Mystery Light Lavender (Matte) (New)
  • D for Danger Fuchsia Red (Matte) (New)

The lucky gals in the states already had the pleasure of seeing them online and in store. We in Germany still have to wait until Mid-June or the end of June. A little silver lining: All of the mentioned products will be available in the permanent range but I personally believe that some of the colors will be really hard to come by due to their popularity (Whirl, Stone, Matte Royal). I already have my eye on Stone, Whirl, Men Love Mystery and D for Danger. Here’s to hoping that I can keep my hands on ordering all of them at once.

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

Copyright and Source: Trendmood Instagram