Every day our skin is stressed by various environmental factors, which can lead to faster skin aging. These factors mainly include environmental toxins, bad food, stress or UV radiation. With the right skin care products you can counteract these influences and help your skin to recover.

With their brand new skin care collection called DAYTOX, Douglas presented a holistic, effective collection for daily use. DAYTOX helps with cleaning your skin and promotes faster regeneration.

The concept of the collection is to support the face and body by boosting recovery and thus helps your skin find its natural balance. Your complexion becomes purer and healthier and gets a radiant appearance.

The products contain active detoxifying ingredients such as antioxidants, effective oils or herbs. They are free of silicons and parabens and have been developed on a purely vegetarian base. The DAYTOX products are also made of allergen-free perfume oil, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

More information is available on www.douglas.de.