Attilio Giusti Leombruni, known as AGL, is at the peak of trendiness when it comes to unique shoes. If you are looking for something special, extravagant and sensational, then you should definitely check this shoe label out. The individuality of their fashion pieces begins with their original combinations of materials and ends with their modern color choices!

With their trendy designs, this brand enables women to conquer the fashion world. Sneakers, sandals, and moccasins, as well as ties and Chelsea boots, have become irreplaceable shoes in the fashion world – thanks to their unique shapes, innovative lines and futuristic colours.

The individuality of the shoes starts with the soles. Striking patterns, as well as cork or platform designs, characterize the unique soles in an urban and classy way. Leather in various color shades is then brought in to complement its look. Oftentimes, metallic tones and glossy coating (in black, gold, silver and candy shades) are also utilised.

The distinctive straps with their matching metal buckles, studs and sequins or rubber inserts take the designs to their final level. For the past 50 years, AGL has been an icon in shoe design, with nothing holding back their boundless creativity. Here, haute couture stands for luxurious quality, with a propensity for flamboyance.

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