The designer  Anthony Vaccarello was born and raised in Belgium. He also studied sculpturing and design there. In fact, he completed his studies at the school of fashion design La Chambre in 2006. Then, his streak of success which hasn’t ended to this day yet began: Anthony won a Belgian award and immediately afterwards enjoyed international attention. He started working at Fendi as a designer and expert for fur collections until 2008 thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. This was the moment he decided to follow his love, fashion, to Paris and to found his own label there.

Thus, his label is relatively new and open for changes and still developing- if these were necessary at all. His new spring/summer collection 2014 appeals to hot bodies demanding hot temperatures because his sexy designs are blessed with the grace of Antique statues.

Here, I’d like to point to  his skirts. They are characterized with refined, geometrical cuts being essential in this line. Even though they are marked by versatile designs, they all look very sexy and from my point of view, they’re reminiscent of battle aprons from the film “Troja”. A contrast emerges due to the experimental designs consisting of flowing materials. A black floor-length dress made of lace with an enchanting effect due to a very sexy, diagonal cut-out at the neckline is one of these.

The designs by Anthony Vaccarello are extremely sexy. Just look at the slim and short skirts or the light, transparent lace! If you’re brave enough to wear Anthony Vaccarello’s woman’s wear, you’ll definitely become the number one topic of the evening!


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