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 We’re practically told all the time that it is essential for us to take off our make-up before we go to bed, no matter how tired we are. The reason is easy to understand: The make-up in combination with all the bacteria, dust and dirt from the day cause clogged pores and bad acne. That’s why we usually tend to wake up with a really bad face day after a party night.
But not many of us know that we actually can make errors whilst doing our duty of taking off our make-up. This should also be the reason why we sometimes still detect little pimples although we dutifully took it all off. Here are 3 things a woman tends to get wrong whilst taking off her second face.


Make-up removal wipes
The usage of make-up wipes is quick, easy and practical but also not nearly as sufficient as we want it to be. The wipes tend to do just that, only wipe the surface without so much as touching your clogged pores. But that’s where the bacteria lives, that’s where the bad skin is fabricated. I say: Keep your distance from make-up wipes and get real make-up removers to use during the night and the mornings.

It’s how you use the products
Many girls tend to take off their make-up in one go but that’s often not the right way. It’s better to find a routine that works for you. Usually when taking off the make-up in one sitting, mascara, eye liner and what not gets distributed all over the face, implementing the pores furthermore. You should try taking off your eye make-up first, then whatever lip products you used and finally the foundation and the rest of the make-up on your face.

Neck and chest area are neglected
Many of us tend to drag their make-up down towards the neck area to blend in the foundation and avoid ugly streaks. But only a few amongst us take the make-up off of this particular area during the night. Even if you’re not guilty of dragging your make-up downwards, chances are that rests of your powder and foundation still made their way to your neck and chest. If you don’t clean out these two areas like you do with your face you’re basically asking for acne and pimples even wrinkles on your chest and on your neck. So clean ‘em as well, dear!

I really hope you found this little Friday Chit Chat article useful. I wish you a happy weekend, enjoy the sun while she’s out!

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