A prom night is always something very special for us women since we can finally wear our dream dress and feel absolutely great and beautiful. But at the same time this opportunity raises the question what makeup works best for the outfit and what styles look good on everybody. Here are three combinations with which you can never go wrong and which match any dress.

  1. The classic look:
    A sexy cat-eyeliner combined with a red lip will probably never go out of style. It emphasizes the female features and is always very popular with men. A matte shade of red, such as the one by Tom Ford, will always look fantastic on the lips and can be worn by anyone.
  2. The sexy look:
    Those who prefer to emphasize their eyes and want to look super sultry and sexy will love this makeup. Smokey Eyes are another look that will never grow old and can be done with any eye shadow color. Therefore it is also a perfect opportunity to emphasize the color of your dress with your makeup. With that kind of bold eye makeup, a nude-colored lipstick is a MUST in order not to make your makeup look overwhelming. An ideal eyeshadow palette for this would be, for example, the Naked Smoky Palette by Urban Decay.
  3. The romantic look:
    This look is all about eyelashes. Although this style can appear natural and neutral, it is important to emphasize your eyes with some bold false eyelashes (e.g. by Velour). To create the romantic look, apply a pink blush (such as ‘Pink Swoon‘ by MAC) onto the cheeks and use a matching lipstick (for example ‘Pink Plaid’by MAC).