A brilliant green eye dazzles and infuses every outfit with enchantment: this is the trademark of Mimi Vert, to be found in the Eye Collection. It is only one of the many highlights amongst the designs of the jewellery label. Swiss-born designer Miriam Jose designs jewellery as Mimi Vert, following the fast-paced and hands-on lifestyle of young people very closely. Each and every model can adapt itself perfectly to an individual, with designs that are suitable for everyday use.

Mimi Vert adapts pictures and symbols, turning them into charming pictograms, as can be seen from the masterpieces of the Jeanne d’Arc Collection. With her clear curves and smooth, lustrous materials, Mimi Vert’s creations preserve the image of the wearer while adding a fascinating extra to each individual person.

A concise framework can be found threading itself through the collections of the label, shining in gold and dark silver. It is combined mostly with black and white surfaces, pink crowns or green, glittering eyes. It accentuates the puristic ring and twinkles as an extra attachment on a silver armband.

Mimi Vert is a master of creating classical designs and clear simple forms, gifting each and every one of us with a daily companion along the way.

Copyright and source: http://www.mimivert.com/