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Claus Tyler’s elegant women’s wear is made for the kind of woman who doesn’t only want to wear anything, but who wants to choose her garments carefully since they are supposed to reflect and match her personality. This is why the creations look outstanding and subtle, contemporary and timeless at the same time. After having designed a significant collection for a popular Vienna-based fashion label in 2010, the designer soon founded his own brand.

Tyler concentrates on the woman’s natural chic look and emphasizes it with this feminine collection. His brand includes both a couture line “création souveraine” and a ready-to-wear line. Within the couture line, you can find elegant and also custom-made evening gowns, made of the finest materials. As they are all handmade, the focus is placed on the ideal fit. The designer often uses silk, which he refines with the help of lavish gathers and partly tops off the creation with sophisticated corsages that feature sequined details.

In the ready-to-wear collection, he also uses only the most precious and finest fabrics. The results are cocktail dresses and casual models, which all focus on the female silhouette. Different collections include creations made of lace, divine gowns of silk and light tulle robes. All in all, the cuts appear very minimalist and are intensified by pleats, gathers and ribbons. The label presented its new SS15 line at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

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