Summer is definitely going to be wonderfully refreshing this year. Etro is gifting us with an amazing spring and summer collection defined by diversity which ranges from down-to-earth elegance, flexible sportiness to cheeky chic. The collection is in the first place defined by bright colors. Amazingly, we can discover a multitude of elegant suit designs colored in very luscious shades like tiffany blue, dark yellow and pink. At the same time, we caught sight of minimalist zipper and sweat jackets as well as sophisticatedly cut sweaters. Another awesome attribute which makes Etro’s men’s collection stand out is the wonderfully emphasized shoulders which simply underline the wearer’s masculinity. Here, everything is about keeping the right balance.

Bright white accentuations can be found here and there. We can spot it for instance in a very eye-catching checked pattern which is paired with a luscious red or an intriguing blue shade. Etro of course does not miss out on gracing the men’s world with beautiful dark yellow pieces which will just transform the wearer into the star of any situation. Since the man can now wear patterns, Etro is enriching the men’s world with amazing outfits characterized by divine print combinations – be it flowers, dots or filigree ornaments.

Etro is presenting a new men’s collection full of casual, diverse and colorful fashion pieces which will simply spice up your everyday life.

Etro, for women, S/S 15 – Fashion News 2015