Honour, valour and truth: These values can be discovered in big capital letters on the fall and winter collection 2015 by Alexander McQueen. The brand’s incredible collection makes us think of heroism, sincerity and the constant fight for solidarity as well as loyalty. Alexander McQueen is addressing the principle values of a traditional work and war ideology in a very artistic way in order to transform them within the borders of his designs. The result: clothing which is defined by the strict and straightforward character of uniforms. At the same time his designs are breaking the image of the invulnerable soldier and ambitious worker, attributing these classical professions with traits like femininity. Alexander McQueen is giving the hard-working man the right to show his emotions and their violability.

Colored in black, noble purple, a blue shade which reminds us of old working clothing and military green, the fashion by Alexander McQueen is characterized by an elegant and poignant look. Often, accentuations made of leather and silk were incorporated into the pieces. The dull and rather strict color palette indeed contrasts with the soft flower patterns and decorative perforations which give the overall very dark collection a soft side.

Alexander McQueen is playing a very daring game in which the label is catapulting the entire collection onto a political level. And trust me, there is no doubt this brand is winning the game. His fashion is thematising positive values like bravery, solidarity and equality through the indicated uniform designs. Nevertheless, it’s the individual which is standing in the foreground here. This legendary label is demonstrating the man’s vulnerable side in a beautiful way. Indeed, the collection points to a new definition of masculinity.

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