The collections by UY Studio, which was founded in 2013, come with absolutely no color change. The whole collection comes in black and is marked by minimalistic and outstanding cuts. All the models neither depend on the sex, nor are they based on the current season. The urban-futuristic minimalism tells the story of the city of Berlin and its inhabitants. Everything is full of life, unique, individual, versatile and yet monotonous.

UY’s focus lies in the clear lines and unusual shapes which occur far from age or sex. The creations are uncompromising and their dark black shade and flowing look seem to be almost dramatic. UY is much more than a fashion brand. It’s a collective of art, photography, fashion and decoration.

All the pieces are handcrafted in Berlin and made from carefully selected fabrics. Thus, the Berliner label is clearly positioning itself against mass production. For me, this is definitely a plus, but the flowing, black fashion itself is also a reason why I’m so impressed by it. In addition to tank tops and sweatpants, there are also low-cut t-shirts, wide ponchos and flowing, floor-length dresses as well as hoodies, cardigans and tunics. The black-on-black design is one-of-a-kind!

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