Karl Kopinski has what it takes. Full stop. Honestly, I barely know any other modern artist who brings about such epic paintings. His favourite motifs are battle scenes and the concepts of wars.

And these scenes are so full of details and so authentic that they appear to be living. You can recognise the grim faces of men who are going through the horror of a battle. These figures and actors seem so real that you would almost think that they would start to move anytime and accomplish their deadly craft. Just like the old masters, Karl Kopinski has succeeded in working with gigantic paintings in oil and filling them with life and expression, such that every corner seems to be charged with electrical energy.

In addition, he deals with portrait painting in a beautiful, old style. Realistic and full of art, just how the old masters taught it.

Aware of his strengths, Karl Kopinski paints for many companies selling either historical or fantasy games and hobby articles. He illustrated books with his work and breathes life into them.

Karl Kopinski is possibly a representative of the old school, which is able to inspire and fascinate even in our modern times.