Johny Dar is a fashion creator who makes sure not to fulfill typical clichés. His designs exceed borders and are marked by extremely imaginative ideas. For this reason, they are incredibly sought-after. At the last Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin the brand showcased you the summer collection 2015, which really impressed us.

A breathtaking scenery and extravagantly made up models drew the visitors of the Fashion Week under their spell and can only be excelled in impressiveness by one single entity: the fashion. Johny Dar’s clothing is made to embrace the feminine body of the wearer softly. He rediscovers the female body and the curvy silhouette again and again. For this reason, he constantly incorporates new accentuations into his fashion. The summer collection alone includes a multitude of different cuts. Some of them are figure-hugging, others are voluminous.

The fashion of Johny Dar dedicated to the beauty of the wearer, which is reflected in the sensuality of the design. Indeed, each piece alone represents a temple of seduction, pairing sexiness with nonchalance. Cutouts and transparent fabrics are here the main ingredients of the love potion. Furthermore, prints are employed to spice up your summer, embellishing loose and light dresses. The overalls, adorned by daring cutouts, are very sexy, no matter whether they are short or long, they represent a kind of stage on which you can present your body with self-confidence. Extravagant fairy wings, tulle trains and capes individualize the light, hot summer fashion.

By the way, the fashion creator is based in the USA and can call celebrities like Nelly Furtado and Pink his customers. No wonder because his creations are made for the stage.

Copyright and Source: http://johnydar.com