Just like Guillem Rodriguez, label Stiebich & Rieth was one of the winners of the Premium Young Designer Award – even though founders Detlef Stiebich and Julia Rieth are anything but new to the fashion scene.

Both of them have worked for renowned names like Joop and Bogner, and when 2012 came about, they decided to start a handbag label together. And, voila: Stiebich & Rieth was born. Ever since that fateful year, their timeless leather bags have gathered a lot of publicity. They’ve been in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Vogue, and now have received the Premium Young Designer Award.

Their creations succeed because of the high quality and the attention to detail in all areas of their enterprise. Stiebich & Rieth source all their raw materials from France, Spain and Italy. The skins for the high quality leather are all naturally tanned, which essentially means that only natural products like berries and plants are used to color the leather. But it doesn’t end there. All leather is hand-sewn in Germany – this ensures not only high quality, but also extremely durability.

Their S/S 15 collection, for which they received the award, includes nine different models all available in different colors. A trademark is the wide stitches that further enhance the pre-punched holes. This can be seen as a criterion for quality, because the stitches clearly show the time-consuming handwork involved, as well as the double-stitch-technique being utilised. The shapes of the bags are slightly square and structured due to the usage of thick cowhide. By the way, that’s also the reason the bags are able to stand upright on their own.

The resulting look is minimal, modern and timeless. Stiebich & Rieth handbags are timeless, elegant but also modern and edgy, and that’s why they appeal to such a wide range of customers. If you’re in the market for such a bag, why not check out one of their stores in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin or even Paris?

Copyright and Source: http://www.stiebich-rieth.com/