Hello fellow beauty lovers.

I hope you guys had the most fabulous Easter weekend. I for one spent my days in Prague with the whole family. Due to the full timetable I rarely even had the time to sleep. And I positively neglected my healthy diet so you can probably guess that I’m in need for a whole wellness/beauty package. So whilst I was looking through the latest magazines I saw a repeating pattern. They all wrote about the so-called “blue miracle herb”, although it’s definitely rather violet than blue. That’s when I decided to really dig into that matter. The things I found about will be presented in this article.

Lavender has been one of the most sought-after ingredients in our beauty remedies and products. Lavender oil has a calming effect on our bodies and thus can be used by more sensitive skin. It is said if you were to use lavender regularly you will be greeted with the natural elasticity of your skin in no time. You know, our skin is exposed to all kinds of environmental pollution on a daily basis and this fact right there can cause numerous skin irritations like inflammation or coarseness. Lavender with its strong antioxidants can allegedly combat both problems at once. In addition to that it’s said to have antibacterial effects, which means it can be used against fungi on our skins.

As for my little sleeping problem: The blue gold is a natural sleeping aid that can improve the overall quality of your sleep and prolong the REM sleep.

Did you know that? I personally jumped on the bandwagon and now I can finally understand why my mom’s been collecting everything containing lavender in our bathroom. 😉

Lavender oil which will particularly benefit your skincare and can be used for aroma therapies can be bought here. By the way, by mixing it with Argan Oil, you can produce a particularly potent skincare product which is said to bring your skin to shine! If you intend to repair your sleep rhythm, I can recommend you to let your beloved home smell like this fragrant flower by making use of the oil and a room diffuser or just drink lavender tea which I am sure you can acquire in your next pharmacy.

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