Jeffree Star has not only a unique style in terms of his hair and makeup, also his brows match his bright pink hair perfectly.

I showed you in one of my recent tutorials how to achieve lighter eyebrows without actually bleaching them. With a little more effort I will show you today how you can built up this look even further and how to dye your eyebrows pink.

Step 1: Apply a white eyeshadow base, like for example the NYX Jumbo Pencil in the color ‘Milk’ all over your eyebrows. Also apply it against the way the hair of your eyebrows grow naturally, to make sure you coat all of the dark hair with white paint.

Step 2: Now it’s time to draw on your new eyebrows using a bright pink eyeshadow. The one I’m using comes with the Urban Decay Electric Palette. While drawing on the shape of your brows, try to exaggerate the arch of your brows, for the legitimate Jeffree Star look.

Step 3: Lastly I applied some black eyeliner all around my eyes and coated my lashes using some black mascara to finish off the look.

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