Today I am going to show you a look that is very easy to recreate and is perfect for every day: undone lips. Also you will only need two products: a brown toned red lipstick and a light nude color.

Step 1: Prime your lips with a lipbalm to prevent them from drying out throughout the day.

Step 2: Next use a lipliner to line your lips or take your lipstick if it is pigmented enough and apply it along the outside of your lips. Here I used a lipstick from Kanebo in the color ‘Now or Never Brown’.

Step 3: Apply the nude colored lipstick in the center of your lips. Blend it in with the red color not very well to create a undone transition between those two shades. This technique of a lighter color in the center will create the illusion of fuller lips. For the nude lipstick I used the color ‘choc mousse’ by Rival de Loop.

To finish off you can apply a light lipgloss on top of everything and you’re done!

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