Though mainly intended for men, clothing for women, as always, can be found in the collections of the label Les Benjamins. Yet again, the classics meet the refreshing youthfulness here. The trend cannot be overlooked this year – elegant classical pieces from the wardrobe are reinterpreted, or combined in a way that they fit right into an urban picture. At Les Benjamins, the masculine hit meets the natural cargo-design, which guarantees a clean manouvre through the urban jungle.

The designer, Bunyamin Aydin, was in memory of the group “Les Jeunes Turcs”, which fought for unity and progress in ancient times. The designer has personally interpreted his creations as sport luxury, characterized by sophisticated details. It is (almost) unbelievable that Les Benjamins only celebrated its debut in the year 2011. The design has spread rapidly throughout the world and is currently found in over 250 shops around the world.

The summer collection brings one not only on the trails of an adventurer, but also on the journey of an honorable man. Luxury and outerwear collide and explode in a contrasting line full of surprises. Camouflage patterns in different nuances meet upon the never-ending depth of black and invites you to take on a slightly different journey.

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