Debarun is one of the Indian labels which will present their collections for 2015 in August at the Fashion Week in Bangalore. The collections by Debarun are a compilation of various inspirations and different influences. Western and oriental lifestyles have equal effect on the diverse collections of the designer. International fans get surprised over and over again because the lines do not only have impressive names but they come with surprise effects and distinctiveness.

Since the establishment in 2006, Debarun has been showing continuous development. The eponymous designer has already acquired knowledge and important know-how during his study years and his jobs at renowned designers and he put them into good use in his collections. He titled them with names like “Le Regard” or “Dear Imagination” and transforms these themes into fashion.

All of Debarun’s creations are imaginative and above all artistic which is why they’re a firm component in the Indian fashion scene. The colors are rather kept subdued, Debarun put a lot value into high-quality fabrication and he sets an example with his lovely details. While the man here wears trousers and robes, women are provided with tunics, dresses and shorts. Well, whatever your little Bollywood heart desires, Debarun has everything you need, (almost)!

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