Another important designer and highlight of the London Fashion Week is Huishan Zhang. Indeed, this designer is surpassing all expectations with his breathtakingly feminine style. It seems that never was femininity celebrated to this degree and put in such a dramatic light. After his studies at the renowned Central Saint Martins College, Huishan Zhang received the chance to work for the legendary label Dior. However, he wanted to fulfill his own dreams and visions of fashion and therefore did the right thing: He founded his eponymous label in order to give his creativity free reign!

The summer collection 2015 is like a poem dedicated solely and only to femininity itself. Seldom a designer succeeded in creating a collection which is this uncompromisingly feminine. Each and every piece of clothing is absolutely high-quality, noble, elegant and elaborately designed. Be it the shape, the color or the details – each square centimeter of used fabric is filled with sophistication. Nevertheless, the designer chose a rather discreet character for his clothing. Discreet soft colors and discreet yet eye-catching details. There is no detail which is not unnecessarily incorporated into the design. Single accentuations turn his fashion into something very explosive.

The summer dress is transformed into a treasure any princess is dreaming of. We caught sight of one dress which is characterized by a knee-length and waisted cut and embellished with botanical embroideries on the chest. Another gem which drew us under its spell is the blouse dress made of transparent lace in a soft, light salmon color. This piece is surely the epitome of romantic softness. A multitude of models feature peplums and capes incorporated into them. Beautiful. Apart from dresses, amazing skirts, pants and tops await you here which, too, drip with femininity.

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