50 Shades of Grey  – The Movie: Vanilla Sex or explosive aphrodisiac? Never before have DIY stores sold so many cable ties, ropes and tapes like during the last few weeks. Never before had paramedics in London had so many operations in which they had to treat couples after their act of love. And rarely was SM bondage so hyped in the media. The reason for these circumstances is the highly anticipated movie „50 Shades of Grey“.

During the first week there were already 1.4 million people that ran into the cinemas to watch this movie. Well, but the opinions are divided. I read the whole book in only 5 days. What I instantly liked was the fact that the sister of the main character Christian Grey was also called Mia Grey.  The book turned out to be a bestseller and many people were awaiting the movie with great excitement. So did I. On February 12,  2015, I was invited to the preview by KÖ8. After the entire event, I fortunately have to admit that the previous MySecret Dessous fashion show was hotter than the movie. Perhaps it is because the book went deeper into the details, which also resulted in hot, sexy and very sensual images popping up in your head.

The sex scenes in the movie were by the way even reshot, because they were just too weak for the test audience. It didn’t flash me at all, even despite the re-filmed sex scenes. Honestly, this movie appeared like a cheap copy of the movie “9 ½ Weeks” from the 80ies. And if you have seen the trailer, you have actually almost watched the whole movie. For me, actor Jamie Dornan is the absolutely wrong person to play this role. Neither is he sexy nor does he have the charisma of a respectful, successful, cool Mr. Grey. However, I bet that hundreds, no, thousands of women have shifted themselves into the role of Anastasia Steel and wondered if they would have gotten involved with a man like Mr. Grey .

What do you think? Which group would you belong to? Signing up a more than questionable contract which requires you to get some beatings by a rich and attractive man or leading the life of an ordinary housewife who once a week enjoys a bit of vanilla sex? Anyways, for Dakota Johnson this new experience was exciting. Well, I’m curious whether there will be movies adaptations for the other two books as well and whether the story might become better then. At the end of the day I can say: The soundtrack is the best part of the movie. And you will find out about how I will use it in the next couple of weeks… Image source: http://www.michaela-g.de/index.php, from a private collection of Mia Gray

Copyright and Source: 1st Imag http://www.michaela-g.de/index.php, 2nd Image – private photo by Mia Gray