Prada, Photo by Filine Fink

 Alexander Wang, Photo by Dunja Antic

 Maison Martin Margiela, Photo by Filine Fink

Incredible how the fashion industry is constantly changing. Again, we discovered a new facet of this living and growing organism which enables you to get hold of a multitude of amazing brands even if it is just for a limited time period.  Fashion Leasing is THE trend in the fashion industry. Indeed, it is not a new trend, but hiding the following leasing enterprise from you guys would be a crime which would haunt us until the day we die. Now, thanks you Killershoe – THE ultimate renting agencyfor shoes – you can lease incredible shoe brands. The online mail-order company offers a breathtaking assortment for men and women. Following the motto “rental for profashionals”, you can borrow shoes for movies, television, photo shootings and commercials.

The company Killershoe can provide you with shoes by brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Viktor & Rolf, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, DKNY, Jil Sander and many more famous and sinfully expensive labels. Of course, shoes by rather casual fashion houses like H&M, Zara or Topshop can be discovered here as well. But most of you will probably opt for a pair by Dolce & Gabbana or Dries van Noten. In short: the assortment is unique and you will definitely have o face the sweet agony of choice.

The concept of Killershoe is great and really facilitates the life of all those who work in the fashion industry. The sexy red pair of high-heels and the plateau shoe made of braided straps simply won our hearts. But we could not resist the yellow jump boots either. Or how about a cool pair of Chelsea boots, the epitome of easygoing urbanity? If you are looking for a sporty training shoe or elegant laced shoes made of leather, then you  can surely turn to Killershoe as well

– Nina