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Gwyneth Paltrow is seen as the classic beauty in Hollywood. No surprise there that she’s the latest face for the “Boss Jour Pour Femme” campaign. But behind those beautiful shutters are some rather uncommon quirks we wouldn’t have guessed. Or did you know that Gwyneth could rap like a pro? Might be the long-term friendship with Hip Hop king Jay-Z but that’s not the topic today. The beautiful blonde was once labeled everybody’s darling in Hollywood. However, this image started to crumble when it became clearer and clearer that the fitness junkie and health freak held on to some really bizarre opinions. “I would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin”, was just one of her weirder quotes.  We all gathered what lengths this lady is willing to go to preserve her beauty.

She recently posted a crazy treatment tip on her own website called “Mudwort V-Steam”. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a Vagina steam shower. The “Tikkun Spa” in Santa Monica places women on a sort of throne, on which her lady parts are steamed with essential herbs and irradiated with infrared lights. Why, you ask. Well, according to the Hollywood beauty this treatment completely cleans your uterus and brings total energetic releases. Now you know it: Whenever you’re around in L.A., you should try out the $200 treatment 😉

But that’s definitely not the end to Paltrow’s beauty regime. If you think that was bizarre, think again. In 2014 she admitted in front of Marie Claire that she already tried out the so-called apitherapy in which you are stung by living bees. Additionally to that, she apparently loves to gargle with coconut oil to naturally whiten her teeth. She’s also a frequent patient/customer in the “Be Hive of Healing” health center in Santa Monica, where she often gets a load of Vitamins pumped through her veins. I mean, why not, right?

Which treatment would you go for if you had the chance?

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