Skirt • Anja Gockel 
Dress • FioFi

Self-confident, stylish and classy – these attributes can describe the typical wearer of Fiofi best. The German brand was founded in 1996 in Hamburg and is marked by a feminine and classical style. This characteristic look runs through the summer as well as the fall and winter collection like a golden thread. The summer collection is completely infused with bright colors like white, grey, taupe with a lilac touch and metallic accentuations.

The ad campaign shows a windy dune landscape which strongly reminds you of the beautiful German North Sea beaches. Looking at these beautiful photographs just makes you want to go on vacation again. The breezy, light summer fashion is definitely supporting this effect. Light linen and silk fabrics in loose cuts are perfect for the warm season. Nevertheless, the cuts are classical enough to look perfectly dressed in other more urban environments.


The fall and winter collection looks more feminine than the summer line. The darker nuances, paired with mineral colors and a few red shades will provide you with the ideal look for colder days. The different wool fabrics, knitted textiles and cotton are combined with chiffon fabrics and therefore appear considerably more feminine. The casual appearing looks indeed clash with  rather feminine blouses, shirts or dresses without contradicting the more womanly side of Fiofi. Defined by rather loose cuts, the brand still offers outfits which will emphasize the charms of the wearer by accentuating the waist for instance. Overall, the look by Fiofi appears classical, feminine and easygoing, which in fact points to the brand’s extremely contemporary style appealing to a multitude of tastes.

We are thanking the team of the hotel COSMO for cooperating with us!

– Felicia

Wir danken dem Team des Hotels COSMO für die tolle Kooperation


Photography • Filine Fink

Styling: Catharina Gerekos

Hair & Make-up • Ivana Zoric