Back in 2013, the very first collection by designer Marina Reimann surfaced. It was created in a small studio in Berlin, the adopted home of the talented fashion designer. Originally from Russia, Marina has an eye for details and considers fashion as one of her greatest passion.

Feminine sophistication defines the typical Marina-Reimann-Look. It’s perfect for the oncoming New Year’s Eve – both glamorous and unique. All of her creations are distinctively feminine and nonetheless the collection still has that certain playfulness you seek in a good collection.

This is where floor-length gowns and short cocktail dresses meet. Sophisticated little black dresses impress in their simplicity. See-through dresses in neon compliment todays’ playful party looks and floor-length dresses in lacey nudes or golden sequins are both pompous and dramatic.

Marina Reimann does not believe in limitations. Her collection is best described as a colorful bouquet of flowers filled with highly developed fashion sense.

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