The Israeli beauty market is full of amazing cosmetic brands, that we in Germany have no clue of. But what are the best products that you should definitely try out if you’re in Israel?

  1. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories

Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories was established in 1957 as a professional cosmetics brand and at that time was only selling two products. Today, the brand offers a range of over 400 high-quality products and therefore dominates the beauty market in Israel but also exports their products around on the world.
The brand focuses on the production of special and high-tech technologies that achieve visible results.

  1. Hlavin Industries

Hlavin is not only one of the leading cosmetic brands in Israel but is also an international manufacturer. The brand specializes in toiletries with a strong therapeutic effect to have an impact on the human body. Quality is the top priority. The products are neither tested on animals nor do they contain animal content

  1. Lavido Cosmetics

Lavido specializes in natural, organic cosmetics that are the result of innovative research and years of experience. Aroma therapy is a crucial part of the concept and the products are alcohol and parabene free.