Lunarbaboon is living in Toronto, Canada, with his wife and his child according to himself. There, he allegedly is working as a teacher. Whether he is saying the truth, well… we don’t know. I’ll leave this to your imagination. However, it’s not his private life I would like to speak about, but his art. On a daily base, this artist is posting short comic strips on his website. They all deal with a man, his wife and his son. They all deal with everyday life situations which the small family has to face and handle. Browsing through his comics, you will experience a rollercoaster of emotions. They are sometimes fantastic and imaginative, other times they are simply heartwarming. But of course you will also stumble across stories which are infused with a drop of bitterness. All problems a family has to deal with are thematized: love, the grey uniformity of everyday life, stress and the limits a couple has to cope with when having a child.

Many of these comic strips will take you to a trip down memory lane, back to your childhood. How often have your parents caused you embarrassment? How often have you silently cursed your parents for forcing you to tidy up your room? How often have we clung to our imagination to explain the unexplainable in this world? Lunarbaboon is turning all these beautiful moments in life into comics. As a father he simply knows what it feels like to be one. Whether the comics are based on his own experiences however will stay an unsolved mystery probably. One thing is for sure: Everyone feels addressed with these comics because everyone was once a child.

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