Denim is what blue jeans are made of and it’s what music is created from. Denim is more of a lifestyle, which is why it has been praised in several songs. “Blue Jeans” is probably the most famous one and was written by the talented singer Lana del Rey. With her bittersweet voice, she sings praises of the blue jeans and a romantic love.

Other singers have also devoted themselves to this topic. It was songwriter Jonathan Richman who dedicated a song to his favorite Wrangler jeans. Unlike in Lana del Rey’s song, “My Jeans” focused on the jeans itself. Hell yeah, they deserved it! Other bands followed, including Neil Diamond, the writer of “Forever in Blue Jeans”.

The artsy-fartsy set deals with jeans and is responsible for several masterpieces of music. Chris de Burgh, for example, sings of “Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans”. The rap version comes from Drumma Boy, who named his song “Levi Jeans”. Even Kid Rock sings of the blue jeans in his song, “Blue Jeans And A Rosary”.

Now, you have a selection of singers who have more or less devoted themselves to the blue jeans. However, there are many more who have made use of the theme of jeans in their songs’ lyrics.