The fashion scene practically lives off the arrival and departure of trends. Each season I keep up with the ones that stay and say farewell to the ones that go. But there are always a couple of brands that stay true to their style and make it their trademark. One of those brands is Mipacha, a fashion label that was founded in Peru by two Dutch designers and specialized in handmade shoes. The name Mipacha means “My world” because that’s exactly what is shared with the rest of us. Their aim is to share the Peruvian traditions with the rest of the world by using Peruvian fabrics and patterns.

Their collection was presented at the Panorama Fair that took place at the end of January in Berlin. The whole collection includes four differed shoe designs: Clasico, Cavillaca, Desierto and Montana, which are all available for both men and women. Every model is available in different colors and partly consists of a special fabric in which traditional patterns are woven in. This feature gives the shoes an individual folklore look.

The Clasico is a so-called Plimsoll sneaker in a high- and low top version. The Cavillaca is also available in both versions. The latter resembles the Clasico design a lot, but it consists of a mixture between textile and suede and features leather laces.

The next one in line is the Desierto, a rather appropriate name because it’s a Desert Boot that also consists of a mixture between woven fabric and suede. Last but not least, let’s take a look at the high-top sneaker boot Monana, which is covered in the typical Mipacha textile and a leathery outline.

Since the two designers incorporated a rather large color palette into the assortment, it’s easy to find something for any taste. I personally think that an outfit in a Bohemian style can be a real eye catcher, even if it’s combined with more casual clothing.

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