If you are able to watch top 10 lists on Buzzfeed without a break and without getting bored, you should check out YouTube phenomenon Matthew Santoro. His top 10 lists deal with profound topics such as the world’s most impressive buildingsthe strangest deep sea creatures or the spookiest places in the world. He often collects random curious facts, e.g. in his 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! series.

What makes such a YouTuber so successful? First, you need an eccentric personality. Let me point out that you have to be really eccentric and not just extroverted. You have to love seeing your own face on the screen. Only the thought of it should already be able to stir your blood. Only then, you will be able to receive a big audience around your virtual self.

Of course, you can’t avoid the fact that you have to work hard as a YouTuber and that you require perfect timing. 29-year-old Canadian Matthew Santoro seems to have fulfilled all of those requirements. Today, each of his videos attracts at least one million viewers while his channel has already reached three and a half million followers. This makes Santoro the fifth greatest YouTuber in Canada. Also young people like him for his bubbly personality and his ditziness.

In an interview with CBS News, he reveals that he doesn’t really know why his channels got so popular all of a sudden. He explains his success, saying: “I wish I knew exactly, I wish I could point to one thing and say, ‘That! That’s what it was!’ but I can’t. I think it was a combination of patience and good luck and timing and hard work. I’ve never had a viral video — ever —and that’s a lot of people’s claim to fame. My growth has been — although explosive in a short time — gradual.”

Click here to check out Matthew Santono’s channel. Have fun!

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