at home with the DHMIS crew

Those of us who grew up with Sesame Street and Hello Spencer will surely be familiar with the colorful hand puppets that explained the world to our younger selves. The 2011 revival of the Muppets means that even those of a younger generation will know of Kermit and co.

Artists and graphic designers Becky and Joe, however, have rather different ideas as to what those puppets should do. They’ve previously made amazing music videos for many bands, such as this stop-motion music video for Tame Impala. Their short film project Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared was nominated at the 2012 Sundance Filmfestival. Following that, it was launched as a Kickstarter project, and was successfully funded by fans on 19 July 2014. This film project features puppets alongside psychedelic (and partly disturbing) footage.

So far, Becky and Joe have produced six episodes for their show. They deal with themes essential to life such as creativity, time and love, and each episode includes numerous aspects of creative filmwork such as 2D and 3D animations, live action film exposures, puppet art and stop motion animation.

And … it’s absolutely amazing! Watching this show is like falling asleep in front of your TV and having a strange nightmare involving big, dumb dogs that argue with annoyed ducks, banana-headed boys that dream of love cults, and having a picnic that consists solely of chicken drumsticks.

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