Marsala – The new trend color of 2015 is a brownish red, that has been named after a italian red wine.Marsala has been used by designers all over the past Fashion Week, like for example by Lauren Victoria Craig, who presented several outfits using the Marsala color. Today I am going to show you how to recreate the trend color without any effort, as well as how to achieve different finishes.

The color I used in this picture is by a brand called ‘Kanebo’ and is called ‘Now Or Never Brown’.I used the lipstick all over my lips without using any lipliner for an everyday look.A great alternative would be a lipliner by Bobbi Brown in the color ‘A10’. Although the color is slightly darker and a little bit more blue toned, it can still be defined as ‘Marsala’.

Because lipliners are a lot more long lasting than normal lipsticks, you can use this one perfectly well all over your lips. Another advantage of lipliners is the finish, which is matte most of the time, which is also great if you are looking for this exact finish. Another way to create a matte finish is by laying a tissue on top of your lips. Once you did that, take your large powder brush and apply your powder on top of the tissue. The powder will sink through the tissue, so that the perfect amount will fall on to your lips and will create a satin finish to your lipstick.

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